Eastern Canada's Market Update

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September 27, 2021

Although yield losses are nowhere near what we experienced a year ago, there has been a noticeable increase in some of the invasive pathogens and plant viruses which caused a significant amount of acres to be plowed under last year. The main culprit last year was Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus (INSV), which was not a new virus in the Salinas Valley, but it had never become so widespread and devastating as we saw last year. INSV has been seen sporadically and in low percentages through this 2021 Salinas season, but is now starting to flare up.

Over the past two months, other pathogens such as Sclerotinia, Fusarium Wilt, Pythium Wilt, and Verticillium Wilt have been more prevalent and have led to more significant die-off and lost acreage. If these viruses and pathogens continue to spread, we could be faced with a supply shortage before we make the transition to the desert growing regions of Arizona and California.

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Washington Apples: New crop Red Delicious are starting this week. Small fujis and galas remain tight.

Peeled Garlic: Supplies of quality peeled garlic from China remain very tight. The California market remains tight even as California continues packing new crop. Pricing continues to be very high.

Asparagus: Asparagus supplies continue to be extremely tight. Wet weather and transition is causing Mexican grass to be limited. Peruvian grass is logistically a struggle to get to Florida. Look for the market to stay strong going into next week.

Avocados: Markets on large sized fruit remain on the strong side with good demand. Markets on smaller sized fruit are steady with light demand.

Field Pepper: Markets are steady to slightly higher. Crops continue to wind down in the east and should be wrapping up the first week of October.

Blueberries: We are experiencing a gap in production into next week when we should see more import product become available from Mexico and Peru.

Strawberries: Quality issues in the North have caused a 2-tiered market to emerge.

Broccoli: Demand exceeds supplies on all broccoli packs. Look for the market to remain active the next couple of weeks.

Cauliflower: Cauliflower supplies are starting to become limited due to the recent heat.

Brussels Sprouts: Supplies and quality are starting to get better. Look for the market to continue to correct downward as more supplies come through the pipeline.

California Lemons: Supplies out of Ventura County continue to be light with markets holding firm on both fancy and choice grade fruit.

California Valencia Oranges: Small sizes on 113’s & 138’s remain very limited on both grades. Moving forward we can expect small sizes to remain very tight until we transition to Navels early November.

Field Cucumbers: Markets remain elevated. Supplies limited on both coasts but should see relief over the next few weeks as new growing regions increase production.

Green Onions: Green onion supplies continue to improve. Look for this market to continue to adjust lower as we move into next week. Iceberg: Demand continues to exceed supplies with this commodity.

Romaine & Romaine Hearts: Romaine as well as romaine hearts are very active. Expect moderate to light production throughout the week. Pricing will get stronger throughout the week.

Green Leaf & Red Leaf: Green and red leaf have firmed up in the marketplace. Expect moderate to light production throughout the week. Pricing will get stronger throughout the week.

Honeydew: Markets are active and demand is strong. Supplies will remain tight for the balance of September. Quality is great.

Onions: Market is elevated on all sizes and colors. Supers and colossal sized onions are extremely limited.

Idaho Potatoes: Market is declining on 40CT thru 70 CT. New crop norkotahs are trending larger marking small 80 - 120 CT less available.

Tomatoes: Round supplies continue to be light out of the east coast. Expect to see increased production over the next several weeks.