Eastern Canada's Market Update

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 October 14, 2020

Markon Live from the Fields video regarding upcoming iceberg lettuce harvesting in the Huron, California growing region. 

  • A small number of iceberg lettuce suppliers will start harvesting out of Huron later this week
  • Production in this region will increase over the next two weeks, but most growers will continue to harvest in the Salinas Valley
  • The quality and supply outlook is positive; stands are good and above-normal temperatures are aiding plant growth
  • A small amount of long core/seeder and sporadic Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV) is present
    • TSWV is carried over from summer tomato crops and not uncommon to see in fall Huron lettuce crops
  • Unlike the widespread Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus (INSV) recently seen in Salinas, TSWV is more easily detected and avoided
  • Case weights for 24-count liner lettuce are expected to start out in the 37 to 42-pound range (compared to 39 to 46 pounds in Salinas)

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MARKET UPDATE FOR November 23, 2020



Apples: Washington State harvest estimates continue to drop. Small sized Granny Smith are extremely tight. 

Strawberries: Strawberries are elevated in pricing and remain very light in supply. Florida has light production. 

Broccoli: Yields are low coming out of Salinas due to quality and Yuma is still trying to ramp up. 

Cauliflower: Supplies continue to tighten with lower yields in Salinas and Santa Maria. Yuma is slow to ramp up supplies. 

Limes: Supplies are tight this week due to rain in the growing regions and growing region concluding for the season. 

Oranges: Navel supplies are looking good, and markets are coming off. Quality is looking really nice. 

Green Grapes: Green grape inventory in seasonal decline. Wide range in quality and price. 

Lettuce Iceberg: Heavy activity in the marketplace has put this commodity in a demand exceeds supply situation. Light weights are the biggest concern with lettuce from Huron and Yuma. Value added product has been triggered. 

Lettuce Romaine: Romaine, romaine hearts as well as green leaf items are active. Demand exceeds supplies. Expect inventories with shippers to be minimal for the entire week. Value added product has been triggered. 

Green Leaf: Green leaf items are active. Quality is fair at best. Value added product has been triggered and will have a shorter shelf life than normal. 

Stone Fruit: California is finished for the season. Chile will start mid-late December. There are plenty of plums available from Italy. 

Tomatoes: The market is trending higher this week while Tropical Storm Eta brought torrential rain and wind to Florida pausing harvest operations last week. Mexico crossings remain light while farms work through a cold weather pattern reducing yields. 

Zucchini: Higher markets on yellow zucchini with lower production, steady market on green zucchini.