Eastern Canada's Market Update

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August 3, 2018 – Higher–than–average daytime and nighttime temperatures in the Salinas Valley have caused industry–wide heat–related defects in commodity and value–added items. Romaine products have been hardest hit; warmer temperatures are causing internal burn, insect pressure, and seeder. Temperatures are expected to return to seasonal averages over the next several days, which will help improve quality.

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MARKET UPDATE FOR September 30, 2019



Imported Broccoli: Supplies in the Salinas Valley are battling Pin Rot causing lower yields.

Lemons: A shift in small size fruit is causing limited supplies on California large sized fruit. Current growing regions are winding down and supplies should improve in a few weeks. We continue with good offshore options.

Limes: Lime supplies have become very limited due to drought conditions in the growing regions in Mexico. Sizes on 230/250’s expected to be in better shape, but supplies on small fruit are expected to go quick, markets prices have gotten much stronger and expected to stay firm until October.

California Valencia Oranges: California small size Valencia’s (113/138) will continue to remain very tight moving forward.

Cantaloupe: Due to recent storms in Maricopa County, expect harvest delays and or quality issues.

Green Grapes: Green grape availability is expected to decrease as we move toward transition.

Onions: Rain and cold temperatures curtailed harvests this past week. Weather to improve this week.

Potatoes: Cold weather and rain curtailing harvests

Imported Stone Fruit: Nectarines are done, peaches are limited and plums are steady.