Canada's Market Update

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January 4, 2022

  • Widespread lettuce ice developed this morning, resulting in significant production delays
  • Recent ice events have caused blistering and epidermal peel to develop in some lettuce crops; some varieties have been affected more than others
  • Varieties that are more exposed such as romaine and leaf lettuce are effected more than iceberg
  • Value-added romaine and green leaf items will start to show evidence of peel and blister in the coming weeks
  • Harvesting and loading delays can be expected throughout the week





Washington Apples: Market slightly higher. Light holiday packing schedules followed by snow last week are keeping inventories low and many shippers are at least temporarily out on some items. This situation should correct over the next couple of weeks.

Peeled Garlic: Supplies of quality Chinese peeled garlic continue to be tight. The California market remains tight even as California continues packing new crop.

Avocados: Supplies out of Mexico continue to be light.

Asparagus: Market continues to be steady with lighter supplies and good quality coming out of Mexico and Peru.

Broccoli: Tighter supplies is keeping this market elevated. The cold weather has slowed down growth. Look for this market to continue to go higher with the recent cold weather.

Blackberries: Numbers have been lean coming out of Mexico This market is trending up from last week.

Blueberries: A Central American planting gap combined with delayed container unloads are causing shortages and higher pricing.

Raspberries: A downward harvest curve from Mexico will cause markets to firm up and availability to decrease.

Field Grown Peppers: Green pepper supply limited in both Florida and Mexico. Florida more limited due to transitioning from fall to winter fields, crown pick and less acreage planted for winter months. Mexico experienced rain and cooler weather which is lightening up the supply.

Strawberries: West coast production is still light while Texas and Florida begin to slowly ramp up by weeks end.

Brussels Sprouts: Extreme limited supplies continue this week. Quality is fair as suppliers are battling decay from the recent wet and cold weather. Look for this market to stay high and supplies limited for the next couple of weeks.

Cauliflower: Extremely limited supplies are the result of the cold weather in the forecast. Look for this market to stay high as the cold weather is slowing the growth process.

Celery: This market is stronger as supplies have tightened up due to rain and cool weather in southern California.

Limes: Demand exceeds; supplies extremely limited due to minimal lime crossings through South Texas.

Oranges: Supplies remain very limited on 113’s and 138’s this week and are expected to remain tight through the rest of the navel season.

Eggplant: Markets slightly higher due to cooler temperatures slowing production in Mexico and Florida.

Grapes Green & Red: Supplies remain the tightest anyone has ever seen. The vessels that are arriving on both coasts this week will be drops in a bucket of demand. Expect this market to remain extremely tight for the next three weeks.

Green Onions: Green onion supplies are very tight. Cold weather and lack of labor are contributing to the shorter supplies.

Romaine / Leaf: The market is firm on romaine as well as green and red leaf. Romaine hearts are getting stronger with multiple suppliers. Blister and peel continue to be reported on all romaine and leaf items.

Mushrooms: Supplies chain issues continue to cause a nationwide shortage of supply in the US, that will go into the spring or summer.

Honeydew: Honeydew supplies are lightening up as Guatemala changes growing districts. Market should stay tight for the next two weeks.

Onions: Market is elevated on all sizes and colors. Supers and colossal sized onions are extremely limited. Red onions are trending higher. Quality is not holding up to expected shelf life; keep red onion stocks limited.

Pineapples: Lower volume continues on the pineapple front. Volumes are expected to increase end of January.

Seedless Watermelon: Seedless watermelon supplies continue to be tight.

Stone Fruit: Small amounts of imported peaches, nectarines and apricots now landing on both coasts. More availability on the east coast as the west coast ports continue to be back logged.

Zucchini: Supplies are limited in Florida and Mexico. Cool weather in Mexico has limited supply and Florida demand increased with less acreage which has also lightened up supplies.