Eastern Canada's Market Update

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August 3, 2018 – Higher–than–average daytime and nighttime temperatures in the Salinas Valley have caused industry–wide heat–related defects in commodity and value–added items. Romaine products have been hardest hit; warmer temperatures are causing internal burn, insect pressure, and seeder. Temperatures are expected to return to seasonal averages over the next several days, which will help improve quality.

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MARKET UPDATE FOR July 15th, 2019



Green Grapes: Mexican grapes have shown some quality issues as we approach the end of their season. New harvest in California is looking good, but prices are higher.

Red Grapes: Mexican grapes are approaching the end of the season and quality is deteriorating quickly. New Harvest in California just started.

Stone Fruit: Smaller sizes are limited. Plenty of large fruit in all varieties

Iceberg: Light supplies continue. Triggered pricing is in effect. We are suffering with light weights for this week. Supplies will improve next week.

Baking Potatoes: 40-70 count potato supplies tightening up. Markets on the rise.

Apples: Golden Delicious apples are extremely tight and may not be available between mid-July and early August (new harvest).

Potatoes Red & Yellow: Red and yellow potato supplies are limited. Markets remain active; in particular B reds and C size for all colors.

Chinese Peeled Garlic: Supplies of new crop peeled garlic are slowing improving and continues to decline.

Avocado: The industry is in a demand exceeds supply situation on Mexican fruit. We expect strong market conditions for the month of July and could very well continue into the month of August. We will be using Peru fruit to assist with supply.

Carrots: Mexican Jumbo carrots are increasing in price due to rain causing shortages.

Spanish Onions: This market to continues to be much higher than what we would normally see as yellow onion demand continues to be active. Expect this market to ease over the next couple of weeks.

Gold Pineapples: Pineapple supplies will continue be tight through mid-September. This is due to NDF and a trucker strike that had paralyzed transport to and from the Atlantic side port of Limon.