Eastern Canada's Market Update

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 January 11, 2021

The latest Markon Live From the Fields video covers light lettuce ice in the Arizona/California desert growing region. Light lettuce ice developed over the weekend and again this morning causing minor production delays. Sporadic ice may continue over the next couple of days, but forecasts call for warmer temperatures overall this week. Weather throughout the Yuma season has been much more mild compared to previous years. December/January are historically the most challenging months of the season. This season, frost events have been few and far between, and we’ve received no rainfall. Although some frost-related defects are present, we are currently seeing some of the best lettuce quality in recent memory for this time of year.

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MARKET UPDATE FOR February 16, 2021


Peeled Garlic: Supplies from China continue to be very tight. Pricing is high, but steady. Quality is only fair with shorter shelf life.
Bananas: The entire banana industry is struggling with supplies due to Hurricane Eta and Iota in the fall. They caused major damage in
several growing regions. After reviewing some of the grower’s forecasts, we anticipate active markets and tight supply through March 2021.
Blackberries: Availability is still very limited. We should see a little better volume next week while the market remains firm.
Blueberries: Delays at the ports are still causing timely unloading. Mexican imports should see a slight increase towards the end of this
week and into the next.
Raspberries: Availability will remain tight through next week. The market will remain firm.
Strawberries: Promotable volumes are projected for next week and into the first week of March.
Cauliflower: Growers continue to see excessive yellowing and bruising. Lower yields are keeping this market on the higher side.
Cucumbers: Transition from Sonora to Sinaloa will result in a slight reduction in supplies for the next 7-10 days.
Limes: The lime market is getting active as transition occurs. We can expect lower supplies in February until new growing regions start.
Green and Red Grapes: Damage from rains in Chile have yet to appear. Supplies on the east coast continue to be much better than out
Green Onions: Supplies out of Mexico are tight as the cold weather is hampering growth.
Cantaloupe: The cantaloupe market is slightly lower but still strong.