Eastern Canada's Market Update

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August 3, 2018 – Higher–than–average daytime and nighttime temperatures in the Salinas Valley have caused industry–wide heat–related defects in commodity and value–added items. Romaine products have been hardest hit; warmer temperatures are causing internal burn, insect pressure, and seeder. Temperatures are expected to return to seasonal averages over the next several days, which will help improve quality.

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MARKET UPDATE FOR May 25th, 2020



Apples: Markets are active due to consistent, retail demand and the injection of volume from the USDA Box Program. 

Asparagus: Supplies are better this week with local production increasing. We will see much better supplies going into next week. 

Blackberries: Blackberries out of Mexico are short due to high temperatures. California production remains low but looks to increase weekly. 

Raspberries: Supplies are lighter due to hot weather in Mexico. 

Strawberries: Heavy retail demand has kept supplies short. Recent rains have caused lighter yields. 

Green Peppers: Transition from Mexico to California continues with some gaps. 

Brussels Sprouts: Expect light supplies all week. Quality is also only fair. Expect a continued strong market and high pricing. 

Imported Carrots: Peeled and snack pack retail packs are still in heavy demand. 

Cherries: Markets are stronger due to good demand. Rainer cherries are now available. 

California Oranges: Valencia’s have started, while late navels are very short and will finish up this week. Large sizes supplies are steady. Food service sizes 113/138’s, are very tight with active markets. 

Eggplant: Harvest is peaking on small sizes 18ct/24ct and are limited in supplies 

Garlic: Light supplies will continue throughout the month. 

Iceberg: Lighter availability is being reported. Demand is good. Expect better supplies next week. 

Green Grapes: New Mexican product is available. Quality is very good. Pricing remains high, but should ease as supplies increase. 

Red Grapes: Supplies will get a bit snug for 2 weeks as we transition into Mexican fruit. Chilean fruit has cleaned up on both coasts. 

Cantaloupes: The offshore season has concluded. Transition into the desert will be delayed due to abnormal weather conditions. Crop will be heavy on small sized fruit and tight on large sizes. Market is firm and active. 

Honeydew: Offshore season has concluded. Transition into the desert will be delayed due to abnormal weather conditions. Crop will be 

heavy on smaller sized fruit and tight on large sizes. Mexican fruit out of Nogales is the best option. 

Watermelon: Markets remain active this week and supplies are limited due to heavy retail demand. 

Onions: Oregon/Idaho/ Washington are all done for the season. Pricing is moving up. California desert and New Mexico are in full swing. California valley to start next week. 

Pears – Smaller, Washington shippers are concluding their season with larger shippers feeling the demand brought on by the USDA Box Program. 

Potatoes: Markets have risen on larger size 40 count through 70 count due to increases in foodservice business and the Burbanks having a smaller profile. Some lots may exhibit peepers and light mold

Tomatoes: New production areas are increasing harvest and supplies are improving. Round prices coming down slowly. Florida will transition north to Quincy, and California will begin harvesting in June.