Eastern Canada's Market Update

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August 3, 2018 – Higher–than–average daytime and nighttime temperatures in the Salinas Valley have caused industry–wide heat–related defects in commodity and value–added items. Romaine products have been hardest hit; warmer temperatures are causing internal burn, insect pressure, and seeder. Temperatures are expected to return to seasonal averages over the next several days, which will help improve quality.

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MARKET UPDATE FOR November 18, 2019




 Clementines: Early season volume is expected to be down by about 50% compared to last year. After January, supplies will improve. 

East Coast Eggplant: Eggplant supplies will get very tight. 

Iceberg: Supplies of head lettuce are expected to be lower over the next 2-3 weeks as the northern growing region is done and Yuma has quality and yield issues in the first blocks. Value-added triggers have returned. 

Baby Iceberg: Supplies are expected to be light over the next few weeks until Yuma starts at the end of November. 

Romaine: Light supplies continue with lower estimates forecast over the next few weeks. Value-added triggers are still in place. 

Peeled Garlic: Lighter shipments from China, delays in sea shipments and CFIA inspections at the ports are causing a shortage of product. Prices have risen sharply as a result. 

Beans: The recent freeze in Georgia has effectively ended the bean season in the east. Florida will not be ready until the end of November. 

East Coast Peppers: Freeze conditions have ended Georgia crops and slowed production in north Florida. 

Strawberries: Rain this week in the north may prove to finally end the lingering production of strawberries in Salinas and Watsonville. 

Cantaloupe: The month of November will be a challenge as we await offshore arrivals to provide relief. 

Green Grapes: Quality is fair and will remain so through transition. Soft berries and discoloration may be present. Markets are higher and supplies will be limited. 

Red Grapes: Shippers are now into storage crop. Quality is strong. Markets will get firmer. Steady supplies expected through transition. 

Potatoes: Markets are rising in all regions. Demand is active due to the US Thanksgiving holiday pull and limited production out of Idaho. Red “B” sized potatoes will become limited.