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APPLES Although Gala apple prices are rising due to tight storage supplies, the Granny Smith market is inching down as the school season has ended. Quality is very good. Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Red Delicious Apples are available.

ASPARAGUS Markets are slightly elevated but steady amid weaker demand as fewer fields are available in Caborca, Mexico. The Pacific Northwest and California are winding down while the Michigan season is in full swing.

AVOCADO Prices are unchanged. Supply is meeting demand in California and Mexico. Quality is very good.

BELL PEPPERS The overall market is low. Rain caused some quality issues in Georgia last week, but this week’s supply looks great. East Coast growers will transition north to the Carolinas in mid-June. Volume is increasing in Coachella, California; high heat will aid red pepper ripening.

BLACKBERRIES Prices are stable. The season in Watsonville, California is fully underway. Quality is very good; berries are firm, yet juicy.

BLUEBERRIES Weak markets persist. The Mexican blueberry season has ended. California’s San Joaquin Valley stocks are ample. Quality is excellent.

BROCCOLI West Coast markets are steady at slightly above-average levels. Mexican volume is slightly lower, but both regions are meeting demand. Quality is strong.

CANTALOUPE The market is up. The Arizona-California desert season is off to a slow start; small sizes dominate availability. Cantaloupe Melons will start shipping out of the Arizona-California desert region once supplies increase.

CAULIFLOWER Prices are low due to plentiful stocks in California. Expect high yields for the next 7 to 10 days at least. Quality is very good; heads are snowy white with firm curds.

CELERY The market is level. Expect sufficient stocks out of Oxnard and Santa Maria, California. Salinas production is getting started; the Michigan season will begin in July. Quality is very good; disease pressure is more prevalent than in prior weeks, but easily trimmed at harvest.

CHILI PEPPERS Prices are stable. The Florida season is ending; growers are moving to Georgia. Serrano and Poblano stocks will remain snug until new crop volume increases. Quality is good on both coasts. Anaheim, Jalapeno, Pasilla, and Serrano Chile Peppers are available.

CUCUMBERS The market is steady. Last week’s rain tightened Georgia stocks a bit; growers are moving production to the Carolinas. Supplies should remain ample in Baja, Mexico through the summer. Quality is very good.

GRAPES Mexican green and red grape prices are inching down; demand is moderate. Mexican portioned grapes will begin shipping the week of June 10. The California season will begin in late July.

GREEN LEAF Markets are slightly lower as Salinas Valley supplies continue to increase. Defects are being trimmed at harvest.

HONEYDEW Prices are up. The Arizona-California desert season is off to a slow start; small sizes dominate availability. Honeydew Melons will start shipping out of the Arizona-California desert region once supplies increase.

ICEBERG Volatile markets persist as growers work through planting gaps and fields with challenged quality. Inconsistent weather is also slowing growth. Insect and sun damage are being trimmed at harvest. Prices should stabilize later in June as volume increases.

LEMONS Expect elevated prices with spring/summer demand ramping up. Small sizes (165- and 200-count fruit) are limited; the crop is dominated by large sizes (95- through 140-count supplies).

LIMES Small and medium markets are low; prices for larger limes (110- 175-count fruit) are up as those sizes are tight. Quality is very good, but thinner rinds and lighter color may be seen this summer as dry, hot weather conditions are forecast in Mexico.

ONIONS Markets for red, white, and yellow supplies are slowly declining. Red onions remain tight but will increase as the New Mexico season ramps up. Southern California production is winding down; the Northern California season is expected to start in mid-June. Supply should meet demand by mid- to late June. Quality is very good: expect loose, feathery skins and juicy flesh.

ORANGES Prices are elevated. The California Navel orange season is projected to wrap up in late June. California Valencia orange production is now in full swing. Overall quality is very good.

PEARS The market is up. Washington stocks are limited. Size is dominated by 70- through 90-count fruit; 110-count and smaller sizes are tight.

PINEAPPLES High prices persist. Costa Rican and Mexican stocks are limited, especially large sizes (five- through seven-count).

RED/YELLOW POTATOES The market is elevated; volume is low. Idaho growers will ship through July. California and Florida potatoes will remain on the market through late June. New crop Arizona and Texas production will start in early July. Most Northwest new crop production will get underway in mid- to late August. Quality is very good.

POTATOES Prices are weak. Norkotah storage stocks will be shipped through late June. Burbanks will ship through August. Expect markets to start inching up this summer.

RASPBERRIES The market is level. Mexican volume is high; most berries are shipping out of Mexico’s Baja region. Quality is very good; berries are plump and sweet.

ROMAINE Prices are falling as demand subsides and quality improves. Quality is very good; defects are being trimmed in the fields.

STRAWBERRIES Low prices persist. Supplies are abundant out of the Watsonville/Salinas strawberry growing region. Clear, warm weather will increase production in California over the next 10 days. Quality is strong; expect full color, sweet flavor, and very few misshaped berries.

TOMATOES The market is weak. Florida round stocks are ample in Ruskin-Palmetto. Growers are also harvesting in Quincy, Florida and South Carolina; expect volume to climb through June. Many West Coast regions are in transition, but volume will ramp up over the next few weeks.

TREE FRUIT Prices are starting to stabilize. California nectarines and peaches will ship from mid-May to mid-September; volume is rising. The plum season is getting underway and will run through mid-October.

WATERMELON Low prices persist; supplies are abundant. Mexican production will continue through June. Quality is very good; melons are juicy and sweet.

ZUCCHINI Markets are active; supplies are snug and prices are climbing. The season is ending in Sonora, Mexico; Baja production will start over the next few weeks, increasing volume. Last week’s rain tightened stocks in Georgia, but better weather is aiding growth. California and North Carolina stocks will start shipping this week.


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