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Fresh Start Foods continues to be the leading value added and fresh produce supplier in Canada.

Building on 25 years of growth and success, we understand the importance of satisfying the essential stakeholders in your business. We ensure that high quality and value is delivered from field to table. We understand the critical nature of fresh produce to your offering and work diligently to ensure you are able to exceed your customers expectations.

With several well positioned locations in both Eastern and Western Canada, we are truly national and well positioned to deliver the freshest product possible. Fresh Start Foods has two additional companies within our food family, J.G. Fruits and Vegetables in Montreal distributes both whole and fresh cut fruit, vegetables and other related products. Our Eating New Creations facility in Mississauga focuses on meeting retail and food-service needs in the manufacturing and assembly of salad & meal kits, a variety of portioned salads, sandwiches, fruit cups and other portioned fresh and dry products.

Fresh Start Foods continues to grow and innovate, serving food service and retail customers from coast to coast!

Fresh Start Foods offers: Whole Fruits | Whole Vegetables | Fresh Cut Fruits | Fresh Cut Vegetables | Dairy Products | Herbs | Dry Goods | Seasonal Fruits and Vegetable Specialities | Grab & Go Products | Specialty Products | Organic Vegetables and Fruits

Our Locations: Ontario | British Columbia | Alberta | Quebec

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