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  • Enjoy farm-fresh vegetables like asparagus delivered straight from the fields to your kitchen in London and Ottawa.

    We should see local asparagus by Mother's Day. Markets are up this week with less volume from Mexico.

  • Discover the difference of farm-to-table whole vegetables like Beans and more delivered to your place in London, Ottawa

    The green bean market is steady as supplies get better. Quality has improved. Wax (yellow) beans are available in very limited supplies. Snipped supplies have returned to normal with good quality.

  • Our 25+ years of expertise guarantee fresh vegetables like broccoli delivered to elevate your culinary creations.

    Supplies are abundant from all growing regions. The markets are also competitive with volume deals. Quality is really nice.

  • Partner with us, a top wholesale vegetable distributor in London and Ottawa, for fresh Brussels Sprouts and more.
    Brussels Sprouts

    Market is competitive from all suppliers. Supplies are plentiful. The quality is really nice.

  • Discover a wide range of whole, pre-cut vegetables, including cauliflower and more, delivered with freshness every time

    The market is competitive and will continue into next week. The quality has been nice.

  • Our quick service in London and Ottawa ensures farm-fresh vegetables like celery delivered directly to your door.

    Quality is reported as very good with no major defects listed.

  • Explore a variety of whole vegetables, like cucumbers and more, carefully crafted for your table in London, Ottawa.
    • EAST- Supplies are steady; demand has been slow. Quality is good.
    • WEST- Supplies remain steady. Quality ranges from mostly fair to good.
  • Delight in seasonal whole vegetables, including lettuces and more, picked at peak ripeness for optimal flavor.

    ICEBERG -There is a gap in the marketplace as supplies are not meeting demand. . The overall quality is good with some occasional puffiness, insect damage, and ribbing.

  • Elevate your snacking with nutrient-packed whole vegetables like Romaine / Leafs and more delivered in London, Ottawa.
    Romaine / Leaf

    Expect light availability on green and red leaf for the entire week. Slight mechanical and a little twisting is all to talk about regarding defects.

  • Indulge in nature's finest with our fresh whole vegetables like tomatoes, delivered to your door in London and Ottawa

    Markets continue to be at very reasonable costs as Palmetto/Ruskin experience perfect growing conditions.