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  • Apples

    Washington still has a good amount of most varieties of Apples available. Honeycrisp, Braeburn, and Jonagold will be the first to finish up for the season .

  • Avocados

    Volume estimates throughout May are likely to return to the mid-50 millionpound range.

  • Berries - Blueberries
    Berries - Blueberries

    Supplies continue to improve. Quality is being reported as good in all areas. Demand seems to be a little lighter.

  • Blackberries

    Supplies are very limited and market prices are higher. Shortages are expected until California harvest increases. [Limited Supplies]

  • Citrus - Lemons
    Citrus - Lemons

    Size structures is peaking on 140s and larger sizes; heavier to fancy grade.

  • Gold Pineapples
    Gold Pineapples

    Quality remains excellent with solid 14+ brix reported from the farms. There is a steady market and moderate demand.

  • Grapefruit

    The California grapefruit season is well underway. The fruit has a great eating quality

  • Grapes

    GREEN: We are at the tail end of Chilean green grapes. Good quality. RED: Quality is reported as consistent

  • Imported Stone Fruit
    Imported Stone Fruit

    The California stone fruit season has just begun with light supplies. Nectarines and white peaches are the first to start.

  • Limes

    Limes supplies will continue to improve gradually as we move forward.

  • Melon
    • CANTALOUPE - The quality is really nice with decent sugar/brix levels, no soft spots, or decay.
    • HONEYDEW - We have seen limited supplies of offshore honeydews. Quality from all regions is really nice with good sugar levels and minimal spotting.
  • Oranges

    Demand exceeds supplies of small size fruit 113s/138s.

  • Pears

    Supplies of Bosc pears are very limited on both coasts. Supplies will increase in the next two weeks which should bring pricing down slightly.

  • Raspberries

    Supplies remain very limited and market prices are higher. [Limited Supplies]