How You Can Take Full Advantage Of Our Eggs This Easter!

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How You Can Take Full Advantage Of Our Eggs This Easter

What pops into your head when you think of Easter? Of course, the iconic Easter egg! For many Christians, the Easter egg has been a sign of love, fertility, and new beginnings. It was also an opportunity for families to get together and decorate eggs which were a common practice in earlier days. As this tradition spread to other parts of the world, it incorporated different cultures and customs. Now, we see a range of chocolate covered eggs with different assortments and fillings, which are all vibrantly presented to customers.

The days of hand painting and dying eggs while still prevalent in some households are no longer as prominent. Parents now gift their children an attractive hamper of store-bought Easter eggs. However, wouldn’t it be exciting to revive the beloved tradition of painting and decorating hard-boiled eggs?

As a leading fresh produce supplier in Canada, Fresh Start Foods has been serving clients with premium products for over twenty-five years. While we specialize in supplying a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, we also deliver quality assured dairy products, including eggs.  

It is interesting to point out that at one point of time, eggs were labeled as the cause for high cholesterol, but now it is a staple in everyday cooking and become the most common choice for consumption. This is because they are affordable, gluten-free, and a source of high-quality protein. Also, the options of utilizing eggs in meals, for breakfast, lunch or dinner are endless. Top restaurants have even begun experimenting with new food trends, and are incorporating eggs in many of their new dishes.  

While food trends wear off in time, the versatility of eggs implies that it is not going to fade away any time soon. Why? Eggs are consumed in different ways and are often paired with various ingredients such as avocados, fresh vegetables, micro greens as a part of a healthy diet. Some vegetarians even include eggs in their daily meal and have it as an alternative to meat.

It goes without saying that eggs are here to stay. With Easter around the corner, you can organize the classic egg hunt or call loved ones over for a Sunday brunch. Alternatively, you can gather your friends and find creative ways to decorate your eggs. You could try decorating them with natural dyes, spray paint, markers, ribbons, and so on.

If you’re looking for fresh eggs to get the Easter party started, reach out to Fresh Start Foods. Our eggs are available in a variety of sections and sizes and at select locations. We also offer a broad range of whole fruit and vegetables, herbs, dairy products, dry goods, seasonal specialties, grab and go products, and specialty products. We take pride in our quick and efficient deliveries that are offered to clients across Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec.

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