Five Tearless Tips for Cutting Onions

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Season’s Greetings from Fresh Start Foods

We’ve all gotten misty-eyed while cutting onions. Let’s face it, chopping onions can make even a grown man cry. In fact, research shows that slicing into onion results in a chain of chemical reactions. A sulfur-containing gas is released, and this reacts with the eyes forming a minute amount of sulfuric acid. The acid causes the stinging or burning irritation in the eyes and ultimately results in tears.

There’s nothing wrong with crying while you dice onions, however, using a knife while your eyes are screwed shut is extremely dangerous. It can lead to severe injury, especially if you are a novice in the kitchen. To help you safely cut onions and eliminate the involuntary follow of tears, Fresh Start Foods has put together a list of five tested tips that have given many people relief.

Tip #1: Cutting onions under a kitchen vent or fan.

As a gas is released while chopping onions, having a vent overhead or a fan next to you can help reduce the amount of sulfur-containing gas that reacts with your eyes.

Tip #2: Using a very sharp knife to cut onions.

When you use a sharp knife to dice up onions, you tend to damage fewer cells in the onion. It limits the sulfur formation and allows you to keep your eyes dry as you chop through as many onions as you need.

Tip #3: Freezing the onion and then cutting it.

Before chopping an onion, freeze it for ten to fifteen minutes. The cold temperature should slow down the chemical reaction caused once you slice into the onion, giving you a pain-free cutting experience.

Tip #4: Placing a piece of bread in your mouth while chopping onions.

The trick works this way, you place a piece of bread in your mouth but allow a little bit to stick out, while chopping. Bread is said to absorb the sulfur-containing gas traveling towards your eyes, preventing the tears.

Tip #5: Cutting onions while immersed in a bowl of water.

Placing the onion underwater while cutting it traps the sulfur escaping from the onion in the water. This is a bit of a risky one, so please follow through with caution. Make sure you use a large vessel that gives you sufficient space to keep the onions submerged and keep your knife steady while dicing.

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