Fresh Start Foods Canada Ltd, fosters a sustainability program by supporting environmentally sustainable food systems, thereby contributing to the economic vitality, environmental health and quality of life in the region.  We create strong customer satisfaction through our providers who deliver high quality, sustainable produce and procured foods on a daily basis.

To support our commitment to sustainability, Fresh Start Foods’ purchasing team actively searches and solicits quotes on environmentally preferable goods and services.  These are products or services that have a reduced negative effect on human health or the environment.  These goods and services may:

  • Be made from recycled content
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Minimize pollution
  • Reduce the use of water and energy
  • Reduce environmental health hazards to workers and our community
  • Support strong recycling markets
  • Reduce materials that are land filled
  • Increase the use and availability of environmentally preferable products and are produced locally


Additionally, Fresh Start Foods Canada Ltd. recognizes suppliers who demonstrate positive environmental impacts in their production and distribution systems or services.




  • Of all products and materials that arrive at Milton warehouse 99.13% is consumed or recycled. Only .87 of 1% is sent to energy from waste plant to generate electricity.

  • Zero landfill operation

  • 2292 kilos of vegetable waste is used for animal feed daily.

  • A very strong 100 mile diet program

  • Full training program for all employees consisting of food safety, proper operation of equipment, customer service and environmental processes which is just part of the program but is mandatory for all employees from entry level to upper management.

  • Donations of product to the Second Harvest Food Bank and to Food For Life

  • Outside educational opportunities for employees.

  • Value added product tested by outside lab regularly, never have we received a less than excellent report.

  • Food traceability for all products.

  • Fully maintained fleet of trucks that are environmentally friendly, speed governed, clean, sanitary, refrigerated and driven with care on the shortest possible delivery route to satisfied customers.